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5 months ago


Project Details


The increase in mobile shopping is leading more US retailers to invest in mobile apps. Many global entrepreneurs and online businesses are also getting comfortable moving more and more of their activities to mobile platforms because unlike mobile-optimized websites, smartphones and tablets open a whole new dimension of real-time, efficient interaction with clients.

This eMarketplace App helps its customers in easily browse products, filter by categories and place their orders with a built-in payment option.

- More info available on the 'product homepage'.

What is included in the sale?

  • iOS and/or Android Source Code (May purchase both at checkout via product page)
  • Backend Admin Panel Dashboard (Used to manage the applications)

The app owner manages all at the web-based backend which is PHP script.

What is the technological stack?

  • React Native
  • PHP
  • Javascript

Which parts of the project are incomplete?

All that's needed is your branding & App Store(s) Developer Accounts. 

- More info on product page

Do you have any traffic?

*Not a live application*

Why are you selling?

Again, this application is all done, this is a code I created in my free time. I was planning on releasing a beta this next month for the start of the school year - major profit instead, I have some family issues to resolve, I no longer have the time or focus to launch the application. I'm moving on from it. 

I hope you like it, looking forward to seeing what you create, Enjoy!

How can the future owner turn the project into a business?

Find more info on this topic on the products' homepage, please & thank you.

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