3 months ago

A WhatsApp bot to send notes, ideas and voice memos. The bot will send back a weekly summary

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$ 700

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

I will include the Source-Code for the Bot (Python), the Source for the admin panel (dashboard), sending summary emails, etc.

I will include the Domain, the current landing page (Wordpress)

I will include the Phone Number (german SIM-Card) if you want

There are about ~20 trial users in the list, some have interacted, some have only sent a single message. You could try to reactivate them.

What is the technological stack ?

It all runs with Python on a Windows Virtual Machine (Hosted by VirMach for $7/ Month)

Windows is needed to properly catch the WhatsApp Messages via a Chrome BrowserPlugin

We use to access the WhatsApp API indirectly. In the future there might be an open API for WhatsApp business use, but until now - not available...

The Landingpage is set up on Wordpress

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

What needs to be done is

- setting up a proper email html layout for the weekly summary (ugly at the moment)

- setting up a payment system (currently all users can use it for free)

- (v2) connecting a voice-to-text API (google?) to automatically transcript the voice memos of users (would be a main benefit from my point of view)

- (v2) setting up some kind of user interface where a user can log in and see all his past messages and notes

- (v2) a tagging system so the user can categorize notes to better find it

Btw. current expenses are only hosting ($7/month for bot), $x for Domain + Landingpage, and WaboxApp fee if you go over their free tier in usage.

Why are you selling ?

I had the idea during 2017 while I was on the road frequently and looking for a simple and quick way to save notes and voice memos in particular. Now I have absolutely no time left due to other projects and freelance gigs. And on the one hand I still need it and want to use it, bot on the other hand - realistically - I wont have time in the next 12 months to bring it into a proper state ;-(

You would have me as your first customer, promised!

How can the future owner turn your project into a business ?

I am sure you can charge for premium features like "automatic voice transcript" and "access to a backend". Currently it is set up as a freemium business. I guess there might be many more people who could use a WhatsApp "virtual assistant" bot who transcribes their ideas and feeds them back to them as a appointment, trello todo or whatever... I still need it ;)

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