Merch by Amazon Account Tier 4
1 month ago

Selling Tshirt Designs on Amazon (Passive Income) - MBA 4000 Slots Available

Project Details

NOTE: This account is being sold within a larger business, you can still purchase this account before the whole business is sold.


Sell your products & designs on The World's Largest Online Marketplace -

You can list your products & designs on and using this account!

What is included in this sale ?

The Merch by Amazon Account - Tier 4 (4,000 Available Slots) with all Graphics/Products that are currently selling on the account.

Do you have any traffic ?

Organic traffic from all three Amazon Marketplaces:,, and

Why are you selling ?

The profit in this business has declined.

I have no time to work on this business or maintain it - I do not plan on working on it in the future, somebody else could grow it much faster and larger than I could, I also need to reinvest the capital into other businesses.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

By filling the available 3,700 slots (only 300 products/designs currently selling), increase the Tier to 8,000+ Slots and sell your own designs/products on Amazon using a Plugin or Automated Listing Software. Plenty of room for expansion.

Other details / How has the value of this business been calculated?:

All previous payments added together and divided by the number of payout months.

Owner LinkedIn:

This business generates Passive Income, payments are sent on a Monthly Recurring Basis around the end of each month - After designs/products are added, no additional work is necessary.

The Holiday Season (November/December) is fast approaching, e-commerce sales increase drastically during this period of time; There are a few more months left for a Buyer to prepare the shop in-time for the Holiday Sales, otherwise I don't mind holding it.

Transfer of business could take between 14-28 days.

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