Microcopy Inspirations
1 year ago

Website dedicated to curating examples of good microcopy

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$ 1000

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

The website, mailing list with 200+ subscribers

What is the technological stack ?

Built using Wix website builder

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?


Do you have any traffic ?


Why are you selling ?

I am a UX designer and this is a side project. Though the site has good tarction, I am finding it difficult to spend time to keep the site fresh.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

I launched this site on ProductHunt and it was voted as the #2 product of the day - https://www.producthunt.com/posts/microcopy-inspirations

In terms of monetisation, these are some of the ideas

- The site is already getting decent traffic and good SEO. When you search for the keyword 'microcopy examples', the site will get listed in the fist page.

- Build an online community. Wix supports adding a community forum section easily without any coding.

- Sell courses.

-  Offer consultation services.

- Position self as a thought leader in this space by adding more content in the Blog section.

Apart from this, I have the below ideas (which I could not follow through for lack of time)

10 ideas for blog posts
- Do a review of an app or site
- Edit the copy of apps/sites which are not good and write about it
- Book reviews
- Series of posts interviewing copywriters
- Analysis of different tones - serious, fun, etc
- Impact of copy in chatbots
- Impact of copy in voice UI
- What comes first? Design or copy (can feature interviews)
- Content Language System
- Guest blog posts
- Copy for translating in different languages

10 ideas for signup freebies
- Checklist when reviewing copy
- Checklist before starting a copy
- Free services that make copywriters life easy
- Tips on working with designers
- Checklist for diversity in copy

At the end of the day, I want to hand over my baby to someone who will care for it the way I do. If you think that is you, then reach out to me.

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