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3 months ago

Free social media and devices mockups

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$ 500

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

· the domain ( — instant transfer to your Namecheap account
· the website (files & database)
· two mockups I created
· social media accounts (user MockupsArena): Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Dribbble (player account — can post on Dribbble), Facebook page
· MailChimp list (3 subscribers) 

What is the technological stack ?


The theme is created from scratch and with a lot of backend customizations.

Not only the design is unique, but there are also custom post types for Blog and News (not yet used on the website).

Each post type has its own custom taxonomies and custom fields:
· the custom post types Blog and News have tags and categories.
· the default post type (used for freebies/mockups) have Author, License, Download URL/Upload, Dimensions, Full Version URL (for freemium mockups), and also Exclusive freebies tag which makes a label and a disclaimer automatically display

All files include microdata.

Custom made sections like "Similar free mockups" (related posts)

Custom made sharing buttons that don't use scripts, cookies, pixels and other nasties.

Everything is custom made and GDPR compliant.

A lot of performance optimizations.

This is a minutiously customized site, it was created as a personal project and it wasn't my initial plan to sell.

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

None. The project is complete and ready to use.

Do you have any traffic ?

Yes, a few uniques per day. 446 uniques since November.

Why are you selling ?

I created a few personal projects, but as much as I wanted to, I don't time to properly maintain them all. I know I can keep it and update from time to time, but I spent quite a lot of time creating a custom theme, and the code quality is very high, and I'd rather find somebody that would make the most of the project.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Yes, by selling premium or freemium mockups for example. Or an automated tool for visitors to create their own mockups.

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