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Perfect For New Year - Goal Setting Reminder Chrome Extension

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Project Details

As 2019 dawns upon us, millions of people around the world are going to set new goals for the year. The goal setting niche is part of the 13-billion dollar personal development industry. Hence, seeing this opportunity I've created a 100% re-brandable, goal setting Chrome Extension called Motiv8.

Motiv8 lets you add "sticky" goals to your Chrome web browser. Much like how millions of office workers would stick post-it notes to their computers, this app will help them stay motivated by having the goals pinned to the bottom of their browser in an un-intrusive manner. Currently, the app is not monetized.

What is included in the sale ?

I will transfer the Chrome Extension to your Chrome Web Store and give you the files and full source code for the Chrome Extension. You are free to rebrand the Chrome Extension as you like.

What is the technological stack ?

Basic Javascript, Chrome API, HTML, CSS

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

It's ready-to-go on the Chrome Web Store.

Why are you selling ?

I have other projects which are making money that I want to focus on.

How can the future owner turn your project into a business ?

Yes, the entire project will be yours. No questions asked.

What is your estimate of the upkeep, will I need to hire a developer to keep it up to date?

Hi there, thanks for your interest in my app. So basically, the app is fully functioning and works perfectly fine on the current latest version of Chrome browser. You only need to engage a developer if: 1) IF the app stops working when a new version is released 2) You want to change something on the app Here's my estimated cost for upkeep: 1) Bug fixes - $20-$50 (Hire from Upwork) 2) Minor changes (e.g. design) - $20-$30 (Hire from Upwork) 3) Significantly changing the app - $200-$300 Also, to have this app on your own Chrome Web Store account you just need to pay Google a one-off fee of $5. Hope this helps! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Hi, did you have a plan designed on how to monetize this extension? Thank you

No, didn't plan. But if you wish to monetize you can hire a developer on upwork to put a "paywall" which shows up after a certain amount of days.

How many current users are there?

Right now? 43. I have not put in any effort into promoting it as I'm busy with other projects. Would be happy to let this project go to anyone who's interested in buying and taking it up :)

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