10 months ago

Inspirational & Trendy Products | $36k total revenue | 1,175 unique customers | 69% profit margin

$ 1340
$ 10000

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

Two Brands: There are two e-commerce brands included with this business purchase. MotivationLab - inspiration-themed mugs and shirts and SunnyStateStudio - trendy mugs and shirts.

- e-Commerce platform accounts 

- Domains
- All print files, mockups, product photography for the mugs and shirts
- Marketing materials and collateral (customized pack-ins)
- Social media accounts (Facebook: 33 followers, Twitter: 1.1K followers, Instagram: 5.3K followers)
- Email accounts
- Custom Instagram growth strategy guide (created in Fall 2018)
- Equipment and inventory are not included in the sale

All-time orders & revenue for both Etsy stores:

Existing Professional Websites: is built on WordPress. It has e-commerce shopping functionality and a custom mug ordering form. is built on Shopify, and is set up to take mug orders. Total value of these two websites is ~$5,000.

Over 1,175 unique customers since March 2016.

Semi-Automated: All shirts are set up to be fulfilled automatically via Printful.

Healthy profit margin: 69% on mugs; 40% on shirts

208 5-star reviews on Etsy

On average, I spend ~10 hours per week on the business

What is the technological stack ?

Wordpress (, Shopify (, Etsy (both stores), Amazon, Spocket (dropshipping), Printful (fulfilling shirt orders), Gmail/GSuite

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

All complete

Do you have any traffic ?

Yes. Here’s the traffic stats for the life of the business (both Etsy stores):

Why are you selling ?

To free up time and resources to focus on a different venture.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

It’s already a business. Here’s how the new owner can grow it:
Product Line Expansion: Through Printful, many more products can be offered including water bottles, sweatshirts, kid’s clothing, hats, tote bags, phone cases, etc. Expanding is easy considering 200+ designs are already created. Water bottles can be added and fulfilled by yourself since the heat presses included are also compatible with sublimation bottles.

Social Media Marketing: I’ve definitely underutilized social media marketing (especially Instagram) to attract customers and grow the brand. The new owner of this business will get a custom-made Instagram Marketing strategy guide packed with strategies and tactics that are easy to follow and implement.

Spend time reaching out to offline/online boutiques and retailers to place wholesale orders. Can also get setup on additional dropshipping platforms.

Mug production/fulfillment can be automated via Printful, which will make this business 100% automated.

I’m happy to provide support to the buyer during the transition of the business. If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to get in touch with me.

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