Movie/TV-Shows Streaming Site
1 month ago

This is a growing site that allows users all around the world to stream Movies and TV-Shows FREE.

$ 1800
$ 9499

Project Details

Updated Stats as of 5/4/2019

Last Months Income: $3,547.01 (Personal Best, went from $1,800.23-March to $3,547.01-April)

1 Day Unique Visitors: 32,523

Last Months Unique Visitors: 853,817

Last Month Page Visits: 5,423,291

Bounce Rate: 35.2%

Direct Hits: 63.801%

Google Search Hits: 36.199%

What is included in the sale?

What you will get:

-Site auto generates SEO to every single movie or tv show you add to the site.

-Bots for TV-Shows and Movies (help you upload new movies)

-Admin Panel (take full control of who is doing what) 

(Current Admin Panel:

-The whole website package with the growing domain

-SEO Bot (to gain more traffic)

-YouTube Live Stream Bot (to gain more traffic)

What is the technological stack?

No need for any coding skills, everything is done and already making money. Site is built under java, HTML, c++, and some python and visual basics for the bots.

Which parts of the project are incomplete?

None everything is done.

Do you have any traffic?

Yes, here are the stats:

24 Hour Stats:


Geological Stats:


Why are you selling?

Working on 13 Shopify stores now, don't have time to keep the site alive and the site has grown 198% since last month.

The site was Established on February 4th, 2019

How can the future owner turn the project into a business?

Spend 1-2 hours a day, no need to do any SEO shit it does everything itself.

Can i please talk to you a little more about this project please? Email?

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