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2 months ago

A premium dropshipping store in women's fashion ripe for scaling thanks to a profitable pixel

$ 3200
$ 1499

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?
We are a strong, eccomerce-obsessed team who love finding unique products and delivering them to customers in a positive, user-friendly manner. We built this store as a result of finding some of the most innovative products in this niche and quickly built out all of the grunt work in testing the right audiences and demographics to find our target customer who we have nailed down.

We focused on making the store clean and crisp, which is why the store comes with 2 premium themes valued together at over $500 for just those assets. Also including email, domain, full rights to the store, THREE PIXELS, 2 bonus funnels with clickfunnels for other products, total of over $3,500 in ad spend for building profitable data. 

What is the technological stack ?


Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

n/a (can continue scaling)

Do you have any traffic ?

Yes around 4,200+ visitors/month and conversion rate around 4-7% (standard is 2%)

Why are you selling ?

We are selling the business because as of right now we are spread too thin and were not able to keep up with the demand, thus bringing us to sell the business. We paused ads which is why the dip is in February, but the business was only doing better and better with each day and climbing in both revenue and profit. We want someone who has a desire to take what we've developed and who has a basic understanding of Facebook ads to take advantage of our profitable pixel and use it to their advantage to scale...quickly! We are looking for someone who is hungry for success and wants the shortcut of a profitable store with a great pixel to reach their goals. 

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Not much needed in the business operations. With our pixel already seasoned, the extent of running the business is quickly fulfilling orders, answering any customer messages, and just monitoring the profitable ad sets we have set up and testing new ad sets/LLA percentages as you'd like. 

Can you give more detail on the pixels? Where are they deployed, are they custom built or an existing saas solution?

Hi there! The pixels are custom built from scratch from Facebook ads primarily with some Instagram data involved as well mixed into the pixel. There is well over $3,000 spent just in the ad spend so the pixel data is strong and LLA audiences are ready to scale. Hope this helps!

Hey guys, is this business still available? Would you mind if I asked some further questions?

Hello! Yes we are talking with several interested potential buyers answering questions however the business is still available, let us know what questions we can answer.

How can we arrange a chat around this?

you can send an email to

What is the per month sales & profit margin?

Hello! Sales range from about $2800-3300+ with around 22-25% profit!

If you weren't selling, how would you increase profits?

Hello! If I had time to continue scaling the store I would add more LLA (lookalike audience) ad sets to the existing profitable ones to create a snow-ball effect for fast increases in sales, as well as create a few email sequences to send to the existing 410+ email subscribers with new promo codes and deals for organic sales without any ad spend. I would also test influencers on instagram posting about the product with a promo code for each :)

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