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10 months ago

AI / human computer interaction / ebooks / stock market HF products - 100% online based

$ 300
$ 799

Project Details

I am selling several businesses, only one of which makes money(~300$/month). All for extremely low price ($799). 

I may even sell you the website and our company (established in 2012). 

Why? I want to start new 'path' in 2019 so to speak...

Here is brief description of the projects: 

* Ebooks for sale on Amazon - this is the only business already making money, like I said around $300 these days/ month (NET). It was around $600 back in the days, potential to increase it if you focus and work hard on it. 

Other projects that currently don't generate profit but have potential for much more, maybe even millions if you have the time and skills to develop them further! 

* The only software for augmented reality on media:

* The only software that lets you control video games with gestures:

* The most sophisticated tool to analyze the market (the only app that uses randomness tests and realtime genetic algorithms for time series prediction):

Selling the source code + IP. 

To be honest it's hard for me to consider giving away everything so easy so please tell me if you have interesting project of yours to "swap" together with the price. I am looking for anything AI related or 
something related to music generation / music software or any website of 'moral'/social use...such as indiegogo/kickstarter/patreon or anything related to artists (music, creative arts). 

What is included in the sale ?

Domain name,
hosting for one year,
books currently sold on Amazon + software that we've developed used for the ebooks,
financial software + source code/intellectual rights,
gesture control software (source code + I.P.).

What is the technological stack ?

C# development, PHP development, we may help when needed.

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

Only one of the projects is already making money. The gesture control system is 100% working demo but may need further tweaking that may be done after payment in a week or 2-3 weeks max.

Do you have any traffic ?

The site barely has traffic, the Amazon sales obviously have traffic but it's low, still enough to make 200-300$/month (Amazon doesn't provide traffic data of your KDP sales listings, it really doesn't). 

Why are you selling ?

I have no time, no desire and no energy for these projects. They could be of great use to someone interested in AI/ebooks/human-computer interaction or someone with plenty of time to resale them to big corps. 

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Invest time and money to promote or improve some of the source codes. 

Hey, in which niche/topic are the kindle books? Kindle only or createspace/kdp print too? How many books? Kind regards

Hi there, Various niches: Biographies, conspiracy, science related mostly (history, physics, biology). As well as fiction and computer tutorials. Around 30-40 at the moment. It's KDP only at the moment, electronic only.

Would you be open to an earn out agreement? $300 per month for 3 months ($900 total)?

Sorry for the late reply. I did sell some of the things so please e-mail if you're interested still or ask straight away what projects are you interested in too, now I am also including the website in the sale together with pre-paid hosting and e-mail accounts. Regards Bob

Hey is this still for sale?

It is but some of the projects. I am also planning to sell the website now too which has hosting prepaid till 2022...anyway if you'd like to learn more of have interest in some of the things pls e-mail: Regards

Hi I have an interest in ebooks and publishing. Can you share the niches or topics without revealing anything private?

Hi there, I can, please e-mail me: Regards Bob

Can you please give me more details on our tool to analyze the market

Hi there, please give me your e-mail? I am under advanced negotiations with one client and have sold parts of the business to another client but I guess we can discuss something if you-re interested. Regards, Bob

Hi! About the Amazon-based business. What maintenance does it take to keep the revenue coming usually? Thanks

Hi, sorry for the late reply. It takes $0. You just upload the ebooks and amazon doesn't take anything in advance, since this is different from the usual amazon sales. Will be happy to help with it in any case, Cheers Bob

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