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A curated collection of resources on sustainability, climate change, and environmental friendliness

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Our Earth is a curated collection of 150+ of the best resources on sustainability, climate change and environmental friendliness and features a brand directory of 25 companies at the forefront of sustainability. It is a perfect website for a current or aspiring entrepreneur who has an interest in one of the most searched and discussed topic of our time. 

In the U.S. alone, just the terms "sustainability" and "climate change" and "global warming" have a Google search volume of 500+ million. Our Earth caters to the massive global interest people have in understanding what's happening to our earth and taking action on it. 

We are a studio that specializes in creating websites in profitable niches for aspiring entrepreneurs. We partnered with a think tank and international development consultancy to create this concept. We purposely created this website to offer for sale (which is why we are selling it). 

Note that this is a completely live site: with 450 page views and 200 unique visitors in the first four weeks. It can be immediately transitioned to the new owner in less than 24 hours. 

Moreover, we had the ourearth.co domain assessed: it is currently valued at USD 599. 


Minimal effort and technology is needed to run this site. We estimate you need to invest less than one hour a day devoted to searching and adding new resources and getting the website listed on forums, etc. to drive traffic to it. Investment in technology is currently less than $30 per month. Here is the current stack:  

— Website built on Squarespace

— Email campaigns via Squarespace Email 

— Domain hosted on Godaddy 

— Branded email by Gsuite/Google 


Since this is offered as a 100% free resource library on an extremely important topic, it shouldn't be hard to find partners who are willing to discuss it, link back to it and share it with their communities.  We started driving organic traffic to this website by: 

— Creating relevant content and blog posts

— Promoting its own pins and account on Pinterest
Creating a favorite sustainable brands directory (promoting affiliate products through Skimlinks, VigLink and Amazon affiliates)

Once you build more traffic you can further monetize in the following ways: 

— Partner with a premium ad agency (like Mediavine) to tastefully incorporate relevant ads

— Collaborate with relevant brands and organizations via brand sponsorships 

Promote an existing business by updating the header and footer with "curated by"  information

Launch an online course or other informational digital products on sustainability 


Given the value of the domain (USD 599) plus the potential of the site, we are open to offers starting from $1,299. We will accept the highest offer. If you have any questions please let us know, we appreciate your interest!  

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