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Website monitoring solution. Simple and beautiful design.

$ 0
$ 900

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

Web app (hosted on Digital Ocean)

Domain name (

Existing customer list (200+ customers)

What is the technological stack ?

PHP Laravel (for the web app)

Python (for the core website monitoring functionality)

Frontend - HTML / CSS ( framework) / Javascript (JQuery)

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

Project is fully functioning. You can add advanced features for smart alerts, integrations with other services etc.

Do you have any traffic ?

Yes, around 1000 visitors per month without any marketing spend. Big potential for growth by posting on platforms like ProductHunt and other marketing efforts.

Why are you selling ?

I am moving on to building a product in a different space, and am no longer focused on DevOps, SysAdmin space. 

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

The DevOps space is growing very fast and I look at the product as a part of a suite for developers, DevOps and SysAdmins. I had selected a name like PingStack so that it will be extensible in the future. The project already has Stripe integration which you can replace with your own Stripe account keys (or any other payment gateway).  

Just to clarify, 1000 new users per month on the free plan, 200 on the paid plan as customers? But the listing is $0 MRR

Sorry, I meant ~1000 website visitors per month. 200+ free customer accounts. The product is not making revenue yet

Is the python also hosted on DO? Or it's hosted on AWS Lamda?

The Python code is also on Digital Ocean

How many of the 200+ customers are paying customers?

200+ free customers right now, the product is not making any revenue yet

I am curious about hosting costs, since this project potentially has a lot of outbound traffic to do constant pings/GETs

The DO machine which hosts the app costs about $10 a month.

How much revenue is being generated from the 100 customers & what are the sources of your traffic?

The project is not currently generating revenue - there are more than 200 customers on free accounts currently. Referrals is the big source of traffic currently, I don't spend anything else on ads. I think there is a big potential to increase traffic through content/SEO, more referral type partnerships, integrations and paid ads with the right network.

How do you have 200 customers but $0 MRR? Can you explain that a bit to me?

200 customers on Free plan.

How many unique free users did you add in June?

40 free users added in June. Around 35 till now in July.

Can you provide proof that those 200 customers are genuine companies/ humans and not bots prior to a sale? If so, how?

I cannot share emails of customers - that would be violation of privacy. From the domains of the emails and their activity in the app, they very much look like genuine users.

Are there existing customer? The listing says $0 MRR but you mention 200+ list and it shows customers on the site.

200+ customers on free plan.

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