Plug Hype
3 weeks ago

Micro Influencer Marketing Platform and Marketplace

$ 2000
$ 50000

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

All intellectual property(Trademarks, patents), the website, all data, cash in the operating accounts, social media accounts, and the domain name

What is the technological stack ?


Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

Daily customer service and account management

Do you have any traffic ?

Some, but it can be rebuilt easily with SEO and paid

Why are you selling ?

Other projects are taking up more of my time

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Advertise it, fix any Instagram endpoints that collect data for display

2. Executive Summary

Plug Hype Bridges the gap between brands and popular social media influencers is a fresh new approach to media advertising consumption.

Since the Summer of 2013, IG Shoutout Network LLC has brought forth a direct approach to monetizing social reach through instagram. Brands are now discovering that leveraging influential social-media users’ followings is an excellent avenue for engaging a massive client base of active users within their markets, that they otherwise wouldn’t reach.

Anyone can gain Instagram followers and increase their online presence through the IG Shoutout App. It's an app for creators, producers, individuals, companies, and all organizations alike, looking to engage a wider audience by leveraging the large followings of niche Instagram accounts and users. More often than not, when this exchange occurs, companies can see a ROI within that very same day.

3. Highlights


  • Proprietary technology for post fulfillment

  • Vendors have the freedom to manage their IG accounts how they see fit. Choosing to approve or deny promotion requests

  • Unique Design / Layout

  • iOS and Android App

  • Robust Back-end with financial reporting


  • Marketing/exposure. - Facebook Ads

  • Business Development; partnering with other vendors (Influencers) to drive traffic to the network

  • Expand service offering: IG Stories

4. Operations

  • Customer support (1-3 hrs/wk); about 7 tickets per week. Most are about payout status.

  • Vendor (Influencer) Payouts (0.5 hr/wk); Paying the influencers their commissions from PayPal

  • General Administration (0.5 hr/wk); the basic bookkeeping needed for quarterly USA Tax reporting

Fulfilment and Assembly

  • Fulfilment: All orders are fulfilled by a third party vendors and only once completed (Proven by mapping the order to the Instagram post made) Do they get their commission.

Marketing and Business Development

  • Marketing & Business Development, (1hr/week). Currently no time is spent on marketing or business development. The new owner can run Facebook ad campaigns to bring traffic to the site to convert.

5. Customers

Customer Profile and Segmentation

Our target market is 21 to 40 year old males and females who have sizable Instagram reach. Followers and the customer who buy from them are marketers, industry professionals, or other influencers looking to cross promote their profile to other influencer’s audiences.

Customer Acquisition

Historically, customers have been acquired through the links influencers add to their Instagram profiles. However, SEO and Paid media can certainly amplify the amount of customers acquired very quickly.

Customer Retention

Customers who see ROI from a particular vendor (influencer) will come back again and again until the point of diminishing returns.

6. Seller Notes

This company was formerly called IG Shoutout Network, and was the #1 result for a long time for the keyword “Instagram shoutouts” This keyword has been overtaken now, by the term “Influencer Marketing” so it’s a new frontier.

The site has been dormant for so long, that the Instagram API endpoints are no longer working, however my developer can fix them for you if you require the assistance. This would only take 4-6 hours at the most.

To return the apps to the app store, the $25 Android developer fee, and $99 Apple app developer fees must be paid in order to submit the apps to the app stores.

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