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Start your own Dating Website

$ 210
$ 3500

Project Details

ProDatingScript is the parent company of GetOkDate, An script currently available on Envato based on CodeIgniter and Xcode, Android App which allows users to start their own dating website. Extract Upload and Install! As simple as that! Step by step instruction also provided.

OkDate is an “evergreen product”

A product that has constant consumer demand over time. OkDate is a product fitting this niche as buyers are constantly looking for dating or social networking solutions for the apps and websites

Key Figures:

In operation since 2013, $30k USD in sales, $0 spent on marketing, 1,200 satisfied customers, Envato’s longest standing dating platform

Strong ASO presence on the Envato marketplace with constant pageviews. All traffic earned through years of hard work.

Constant year-over-year revenue for us. A new release could definitely bump this up again. Above is only Envato revenue and does not account for any external revenue or services we generate.


Checkout our sales presentation to know everything you need to know about our project!:

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