1 year ago

Github repo analyzer that checks maintainability and dev. pace

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$ 942

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

Source Code, Domain

What is the technological stack ?

Ruby on Rails, PotsgreSQL, Docker,, DigitalOcean

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?


Why are you selling ?

This was a weekend project. Don't have time to work on it further.

How can the future owner turn your project into a business ?

These are some ideas that I had:
  • Deeper analysis of development status
  • Are there more popular forks?
  • CI/Tests/Coverage info
  • Batch reporting based on your package.json, Gemfile, etc.
  • Periodic email reports
  • Paid periodic reports

Hi Rakhim, Is repodig still on sale? I noticed the site is down at the moment, and I'm wondering if it's available.

Hi, Yes, it’s still on sale, but I had to shut down the site as I don’t plan to work on it for now, and it was taking extra money to keep the vps running.

Are you ever going to sell?

Hi! Yes, sorry for missing the offer before. I will unlock my listing and process your offer ASAP.

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