Review Shift 🚀
10 months ago

ReviewShift turns happy customers into loyal reviewers

$ 250
$ 999

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

Domain, Website, Webform, Email

What is the technological stack ?

Jotform, Sendpulse

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?


Do you have any traffic ?

~200 visits per month

Why are you selling ?

I want to focus on other projects

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Increase Marketing & Sales

How easy is it to transfer to a different country? How much work would you usually have? What are the monthly costs?

Quite easy, you just have to set up a new SMS service. Usually, this project consumed 4 hours per week. Cost per client are about 35$.

Does this site have any paying customers? If yes, how many and what is the churn rate and if no, has anyone ever paid?

Currently, there is no paying customer. Last year we head two long-term clients.

Your stated MMR is $0 but you have two testimonials - how many customers do you have, paying or not?

I had two long-term customers last year. At the moment, there is one new customer on trial month.

Your MRR is now $250 instead of $0 (as stated in FAQ), why?

I got one new client 🚀

How do you manage sms and all these things regarding customers??


Is this a React Application. Can you give me detailed information about the technology stack.

No, currently I am using JotForm

Where are the business cards sourced from/sent to the customer?

From a local supplier (I will tell you via email:

Hello, I am extremely interested in this. I wanted to ask a few questions. Could we do a call?

Sure, write me an email to so we can exchange our Skype usernames.

Is this MRR recurring? Ie is it subscription based? If so I will buy the project

Yes, it is subscription based

is this still for sale?


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