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Automated website testimonial widgets using reviews from FB, Google & Yelp

$ 373
$ 8950

Project Details

ReviewEmbed is a software as a service application (SaaS) that enables consumers to create beautiful automated testimonial widgets for their website using their own Facebook, Google and Yelp reviews.

It connects to those services by API and provides a beautiful and functional interface to create widgets, customize them and add them to a website using a single line of code.


- Log into the app with Facebook

- Automatic query and collect reviews from FB, Yelp and Google

- 5 testimonial widgets style to choose from

- Testimonial widgets are fully customizable

- Automatically add new reviews as you get them

- Review analytics with sentiment and keyword analysis

- Receive email notifications when you get new reviews

- Automatically create a landing page with all of your reviews on it

- and more!

What is included in the sale ?

Domain, code, app, heroku, git access, toolkit access (i.e. Intercom). Wordpress plugin is live as well.

What is the technological stack ?

Laravel backend, custom front end. Using Stripe for payments and subscriptions. ProfitWell for subscription analytics. Intercom for support and helpdesk. GA, Segment and Mixpanel for analytics. Spending about $150.

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

The app is complete and automated. It has a rich feature-set. It's been running for about 4 years now. I just have zero time to commit to it or I'd keep working on it. There are a few features that have been introduced (i.e. review analytics) which are still early but not incomplete.

Do you have any traffic ?

The app gets about 70-100 visits per day.

Why are you selling ?

I've not paid attention to this app in several years. I've decided to start tinkering again but I'd rather start something fresh. The app generates about $2,500 per year.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

The project is already running and profitable. Doing some marketing can help add MRR right away, and there is functionality for one-time purchases as well. Churn rate is a little high due to the fact that I put no effort into the customer service aspect. It's important to find a clear small market and then focus on it. Right now the traffic coming in is not very qualified.

Happy to provide more screenshots.

Hey! Can you please send screenshots of Analytics and monthly revenue/profit? Thx :) Chris

Hey there, happy to. Email?

Hi, Definitely interested in this. Do you have any screenshots of stripe data or active users? Thanks!

Sure do. In the interest of reducing back and forth would you mond front loading all of your questions, assuming you receive positive response to those how likely are you to proceed and when?

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