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Lean project-management SaaS tool that is already operating and likely to be listed on

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Project Details is a fully operational lean project-management SaaS tool that will allow you to generate revenue through recurring subscriptions.

IMPORTANT: is considered to be listed on,, and for a lifetime deal offer. This would mean major traffic, income and subscriptions without any effort from you end.


If you are looking to start an online business that will generate a steady monthly income, having a SaaS application is the way to go, unlike other businesses that require a great amount of upfront capital and manual labor.

The best thing about running a SaaS business is its automation. The system works 24/7, so you can gain new clients around the clock without the need to do any manual after sale processing. There will always be a significant number of clients that enter your website and buy a subscription plan without question. This simply means that you are getting revenue even when you are sleeping.

Business Model is uniquely positioned to serve small&growing businesses that are looking for a centralized location to manage their projects and work together as a team. Being a 'lean' project-management tool means that there are no features added that could cause distraction, only the best and most popular features are in this platform.

How is revenue generated?

Revenue is generated through a subscription model where clients pay a monthly fee to use the application. 

There are more businesses and startups these days than ever and the market is growing at a rapid pace. Maybe you already have some connections in this space, or you see an opportunity to reach small&medium-sized business owners or even freelancers and market the product.

You can set your own pricing plans which means you decide how much you earn every month. At the current pricing limits just having 55 users for the 'small business' plan would mean you would earn 55 x $19 per month for a total of $1,045 in passive and recurring revenue each and every month.

Some of the extraordinary features include:

- each user can make their own workspace
- each user can then invite team members to join them
- for every user there is a calendar which displays all their tasks
- for every project there is a 'kanban board' (think: to organize tasks
- users can comment on tasks and projects for easy communication
- users can add clients to the application for better onboarding
- every user can upload files to projects to keep all assets organized
- as an admin you can change pricing and features for each plan is listed on and is considered to be listed on this month. This would mean massive income at 0 effort!

What is included in the sale?

- all source code
- I will put the server in your name so no extra installation or effort is needed
- the domain, hosted by Namecheap
- the front-end website
- source files for branding assets (logo etc.)
- contacts of the agency I've worked with to develop this application for any changes or updates you would like to make (they work at $18/h)

Are there any existing subscriptions?

There are around 25 existing subscriptions with more coming up through deal sites that are about to list Workphase.

What's the website traffic stats?

Since we've started tracking the weekly sessions average around 165 per week. With the listings on deal sites coming up (see description) this will definitely improve drastically.

What are your current platform running costs per month?

The current running costs are <$25 per month, unless you want to have an affiliate program set up as well. Those are usually around $30-50 per month, but optional.

I'm interested in making an offer. Can you provide the development details -- program language, back-end, payments?

The application has been built in PHP (Laravel) with Javascript components. As the super-admin you can track user details, change plans, etc. Payments are currently being done through Stripe. On our roadmap we had planned to add PayPal payment options as well and the development agency we're working with ($18/h) are ready to get that done if necessary for you.

Do you have plans to complete missing functionality? Adding to the calendar, adding clients to Project, smtp settings..

We had these plans on our road map but have to stop with the project now. The developers we were working with are aware of the road map and have given us a hourly budget for each functionality. The road map and functions are on the website.

Why has the project been stopped before launching to paying customers?

The project is launched and has around 40 users. But we have to stop and move on for various reasons. My partner lost his job, and I want to invest in other projects. For this we need funds to move on.

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