1 week ago

Universal wishlist + Price drop notification (Chrome extension + iOS app)

$ 50
$ 1000

Project Details

What is included in the sale?

Code + hosting + user database + ownership of everything related to ShopToList

3K5+ user base

Chrome / Firefox extension

iOS app

What is the technological stack ?

Code: Python (Flask)

DB: pg + redis

Hosting: AWS 

Which parts of the project are incomplete?

Everything is functionally complete.

Right now we manually trigger price monitoring campaign once a day, this part has to be cron jobbed.

A lot of users wanted an android app. It was not made at all.

Do you have any traffic?

400 visitors / month

70 signup / month

Why are you selling?

Not generating enough revenue.

We have hosting cost of 250$ with an API costing us 150$ a month. 

How can the future owner turn the project into a business?

The owner has to create growth.

We currently have 3500 signed up users, we estimated that we would need 100k to make this product profitable.

Business-model is rather simple, people add product with extension and receive the notification once their products go on sale.

ShopToList makes money through affiliation.

You say you have 3,5k users but only about 900 use the chrome extension So a third of the users is inactive?

We have 3.5 k subscribed users yes. We also have an iOS app and a Firefox extension. We have 150 users that add at least one product a month. And 1700 products added by month.

I just tested it with amazon Germany. The link is being fetched but name and image are missing. Can you fix that?

So Amazon is the most difficult website to maintain so we might fix this bug in particular, but to be honest, more could appear.

How affiliation is working? I don't see any affiliation disclaimer on the website.

We are using SkimLinks. Affiliation is mentioned in the FAQ I think. Basically every time you purchase an item through ShopToList we receive a small percentage of the purchase.

What is the API that's costing 150$ per month?

DiffBot, we took the 299$ plan an negociated it to 129$. You can also use free plan every 15 days to reduce the cost.

Hi, may i know the list of ecommerce sites you have integrated with?

Hi, we don't 'per se' integrates with any ecommerce websites. However we can scrape any products from any websites.

Hey, How are you guys creating rev at the moment? What's the growth like user base, signups, links added, rev m2m?

Hi, As said before, only revenue comes through affiliation with skimlinks. User base growths ~ 55 per month with no marketing at all. We have a revenue of around 50$ per month

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