7 months ago

Store source code snippets in a safe place

$ 0
$ 150

Project Details

Features of Website:

- Responsive Modern Design (Bootstrap based)

- 100+ different syntax languages supported

- Unlisted/Encrypted/Password Protected Pastes

- Share & Print of Pastes Function

- User Registration Supported (to manage all the pastes)

- Search Function

- Multi Language Website Possible

- Backend Place to manage all the website (users, pastes, settings etc.)

What is included in the sale ?

- Domain

- Unique Logo (Vector File included)

- Complete Website Files

What is the technological stack ?


Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

Some design parts are missing, but will take care of them.

Do you have any traffic ?

Haven't focused on promoting the website, but one way would be by using the website as source of snippets when posting on Stackoverflow.

Why are you selling ?

No time to invest in this project.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Through advertising

Hello! How much is the domain cost per year? Where is the domain registered? Is it created with WordPress?

Hello, thank you for asking. I paid $10 for the domain, bought through, but the renewal price might be different. The website is not created with Wordpress, it's a custom script, I paid someone to code it.

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