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Automated system for selling social media followers, likes and views

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Project Details

Welcome to my listing for, a fully automated social media reseller dashboard. Once a user places an order, it is automatically sent to a third party API (which is included) and the order is instantly fulfilled. You do not have to send an order manually to a supplier. I've listed the services that the site offers below. There is a full admin dashboard where you can set a percentage multiplier (the amount you want to make in profit compared to the API prices).
Please ask any questions and I will get back to you soon. 


  • Mobile responsive UI
  • Easy to install and use
  • Place orders
  • Place Mass Orders
  • Add unlimited services
  • Add unlimited categories
  • Enable API
  • Automate fetch API
  • Multi API Providers (With the same API required parameters)
  • Multi services (Default, Auto Like, Custom comments, Comment Likes, Mentions with Hashtags, Mentions User Followers, Mentions Media Likers, Subscriptions, Package etc)
  • Drip-feed feature
  • Currency converter feature
  • Sync services button with API providers
  • Bulk add all services from API provider and set price percentage increase
  • Custom rate per each user (Set percentage rate for Resellers)
  • Users and Admin dashboard
  • View User feature from admin account
  • Support Maintenance Mode
  • Support systems
  • Faqs systems
  • Tickets systems: Ticket messages timeline between user and admin
  • Payment gateway: Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout and Manual payment methods are out of the box ready for use
  • User Add Funds in panel / Admin can also add funds to user accounts
  • User management
  • Secure Password Hashing
  • User registration and login system
  • Email notifications (email verification, welcome, new user notification, order notification, ticket reply, reset password and payment email)
  • News/Announcement Timeline system
  • Easy to install to edit Email template
  • PHP mail and SMTP Configuration
  • Order management
  • Order the service through API without loginning
  • SEO optimization for meta tags, descriptions, keywords etc
  • Website setting for icon, logo etc
  • Automatic timezone
  • Embed code feature (Javascript code)
  • Multilingual ready
  • Basic statistics
  • Google reCAPCHA for sign up, forgot password page
  • Dynamic Pre-built pages for FAQs, Terms and Privacy page etc.

  • What is included in the sale ?

    All site files

    The domain

    Assistance in the transfer and setup    

    What is the technological stack ?

    PHP running on cPanel

    Do you have any traffic ?

    This was a project I had but did not have time to market it. There is currently no traffic.

    Why are you selling ?

    I needed to start on a bigger project.

    How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

    If you market this on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, this business could be generating revenue on autopilot. All orders are sent to reseller API's so you don't have to do anything once an order is placed.

    The website appears to be down. Is there a way to view the site?

    It is visible for me at the url below. Please check again.

    Hey I was wondering, If I purchased this the panel would be fully working and I could use as many likes etc forever?

    Yes. It is fully functioning. The providers of likes, followers and views are linked to the panel through their API, so it is fully automated.

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