Social Trading Helper (crypto)
1 week ago

A backend API which provides latest crypto signals from telegram. Help to make trade decisions.

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$ 500

Project Details

What is included in the sale?

Source code, documentation of using of application.

More details about API (json-based):
 1. Scraper checking every 15 minutes your telegram account (setup required) and gather all unread messages. Messages parsing and trying to convert to signal to buy (not all messages are signals). Parsed messages pushing into the database. If two signals appeared for the same market - they will be merged into one.

2. API provides endpoints for getting information about:

   a) running signals - appeared not more than 3 days ago; Signals goes with information about max/min value prices during signal following.

   b) passed signals - appeared more than 3 days ago;

   c) channels - statistics about channel performance (how many signals, what is average profit, etc)

  d) CSV export endpoint is available for all data.

If you have an interest - contact me and I will provide a running demo for you.

What is the technological stack?

.net core, azure functions. only Microsoft Azure deployment available.

Which parts of the project are incomplete?

Maybe it is good to have a telegram bot which represents gathered data.

Do you have any traffic?

No, I am using the app personally only.

Why are you selling?

The big part of the work already done. I've focused on other crypto projects.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

I recommend to use app personally, but app data can be embedded into the web site (for example based on WordPress, I have an example for that), or telegram bot/channel.

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