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4 months ago

Blockchain Newsletter

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$ 299

Project Details

What Is Included In The Sale?

1. Website (Incl. Domain)

2. Email List (132 Active Subscribers)

3. Lead Magnet (Ethereum Blockchain Developers Toolkit)

4. Medium Blog (5,239 Views Over The Last 90 days)

What Is The Technological Stack?

1. Website Is Powered By Carrd ($9 Per Year)

2. Email List Is Powered By MailerLite (Free Up To 1,000 Subscribers)

Once A Week I Send A Newsletter Featuring Trending Articles In The Blockchain Niche From That Week, Here's An Example:

Which Parts Of The Project Are Incomplete?


Do You Have Any Traffic?

187 Unique Visitors Over The Past 30 Days.

Some Other Quick Stats:

- 47.53% Average Open Rate Per Newsletter

- 18.31% Average Click Rate Per Newsletter

- 44 Average Subscribe Rate Per Month

- 1 Average Unsubscribe Rate Per Month

Why Are You Selling?

I Have Other Projects, Which Require More Of My Focus And Attention.

How Can The Future Owner Turn The Project Into A Business?

1. Continue Growing The Email List & Sell Sponsorship

2. Create A Digital Product To Sell To The List

3. Offer Products With An Affiliate Link In Each Newsletter

1) What is included in the toolkit? 2) How is the newsletter compiled? Manual or automated?

1. It's a Google Sheet with a curated list of resources that Ethereum Blockchain Developers would need. 2. Manually at the moment. Takes me an hour a week, max.

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