1 month ago

Better productivity for remote teams

$ 300
$ 10000

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?


• Domain

• Code

• Assets

• Rights to everything

• Stripe account

• Twitter account

• Revenue - approx $300/m (exact number is nearer $288 I believe)

What is the technological stack ?

PHP codebase

Sendgrid for emails

DigitalOcean for hosting

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

Everything has been completed. There isn't an admin console at the moment, just a backend PHPmyadmin database. I wanted to focus my attention on the front-end first.

Do you have any traffic ?

Approx. 200 sessions per month - no real marketing yet. There are about 120 signups and several hundred tasks submitted (I need to check the database)

Why are you selling ?

I'm an indie hacker and I've built several projects. Unfortunately I need to dedicate more time to the day job + my highest revenue generating project, so I'm trying to sell my completed projects to give me the capital + time I require.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

This generates nearly $300/m from existing customers. We haven't launched properly, other than some posts on Indiehackers.

I've not paid for any ads, nor have I launched Streak on ProductHunt/HackerNews etc.

I was planning on building our Slack integration first (e.g. managing all tasks from Slack, seeing what people in your team are working on, checking the leaderboard from Slack), but I just haven't had the time.

I've also worked with an external developer and he quoted $1k for the Slack integration if this was something you wanted to pursue.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

I'd like to know some history. How long has the project been running? What is the breakdown of the monthly rev.?

This project has been live since 19th September 2019, so not too long. Monthly rev is currently at $212 due to one of our enterprise customers ($70/m) having a card expiry. I believe we still have two $70/m customers, the remaining are $24/m. I would encourage the new owner to market to existing users (we have 200+ registered accounts) in order to encourage activity + account upgrades, we don't do any existing email marketing right now. Thanks, Tony

Hi Tony, love your product! Super lightweight and easy to use. I was wondering how much time you currently spend on it?

Hi! I don't really spend any time on it at the moment. It's sitting dormant right now - I'd love to dedicate more time to it, but my main project + full-time job are taking up the bulk of my time unfortunately.

If you weren't selling, what would be the plan to take Streak even further?

• Slack integration • Public launch (ProductHunt, HackerNews, Reddit, paid ads etc.)

I’m truly trying to determine if the price for this is 10K or 80K. I see 10K for the price but 80K for high offer.

Buyer must've mean't $8,001 rather than $80,001, apologies

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