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1 month ago

Paperless POS Web Application with SMS OTP Verification developed with PHP Codeigniter

Project Details

For purchase, mail us


What is included in the sale ?

Entire Application Source Code with Premium Support.

What is the technological stack ?

PHP Codeigniter, MySQL, HTML, CSS, & jQuery

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?
All modules working fine, except the Customer Buy & Sell Module.

Do you have any traffic ?

This is new product and it's waiting for perfect buyer.

Why are you selling ?

My work is developing web & mobile app products and selling.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

It's multipurpose project, you can simply host as subscription based product or use it your own shop/business to attract more customers and increase sales too.

Can you elaborate on the $999 MRR? What contributes to it?

It's completely as per your requirement and its covers like Login / Account Management Admin, Manager, Employee(Production Worker, Customer care, Accountant), Store(Production), Customers, & Suppliers Employee Management Account / HR Management Product / Items Management Suppliers Management Production Management / Job Order Management Sales & Report Management Customers Management Support System(Customer/Supplier complaints) And etc... For more info, kindly mail me and will discuss

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