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Track your goals and habits by asking questions every day

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$ 600

Project Details

What is included in the sale? 

Full source code, the database of 100+ (growing) registered users, domain

What is the technological stack? 

Database: PostgreSQL

Backend: Node.js/Express, Sequelize ORM, MailGun integration for the daily notification mails

Frontend: React/Redux, FUSE React template

Auth: Firebase Auth

Hosted on Digital Ocean with Cloudflare integration

Which parts of the project are incomplete? 

Currently, all MVP features are complete: different question types (text, number, yes/no), heatmap for answers, areas of life, goals, auth, daily motivational quotes, daily notification emails. 

Do you have any traffic? 

About 1k monthly unique pageviews

Why are you selling? 

Want to focus on another side project

How can the future owner turn the project into a business? 

Add more features, develop mobile apps on top of it, do more marketing, introduce paid plans, add functionality for teams or couches/trainers to control their students, for parents to keep their kids accountable, etc

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