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Serving customers in restaurants, displaying restaurant menus, cashiers and managing data restaurant

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Project Details

A. Features in Application:

1.Full documentation with screenshoot in docx and pdf format :

    -TableSServices - User manual (for cashier)

    -TableSServices - User manual (for customer)

    -TableSServices - User manual (for waiter)

    -TableSServices - User manual (for initial setup)

    -TableSServices - User manual (for instalation)

    -TableSServices - User documentation (for developer)

1. Can make changes, additions, deletions and display all data related to restaurant data (depending on the type of account used).

2. Buyers can place orders through the table without the need to be served by a waiter

3. Can record and manage transactions (Cashier)

4. Print payment receipt

5. Can generate reports from all application data both in digital format or direct print.

6. Print order (note the order the waiter will bring to the kitchen to be made)

7. Can change the time zone of almost the entire world time zone

8. Can select almost all currencies (Global)

9. Can change display color (theme)

10. Enter the restaurant logo

11. Enter the name of the restaurant

12. Add types of restaurants (restaurants, restaurants and cafes).

What is included in the sale ?

Application logos, XAMPP application, documentation, installation instructions, initial setup instructions, instructions for cashiers, customers and waiters
* All instructions are in PDF and Docx format

What is the technological stack ?

1. without framework

2. Using native php as the backend language

3. Purely using css (not using bootstrap framework, materialize etc.)

4. Cannot delete data at once, (Data can only be deleted at once via phpmyadmin)

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

This application has actually been completed, it's just that it hasn't been done in a real test

Do you have any traffic ?


Why are you selling ?

This application has actually been completed, it's just not been done in a real test, to find out if there are still a few bugs

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

This application also does not have copyright to any party, this application is purely mine that sells the application

I have made an application logo sample in svg and png format

I have included documentation for developers in the form of separate documents and documentation of comments in the source code

I have also made full instructions for installation and instructions for using the application for customers, cashiers or waiters

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