Tech Smart Coaches
5 months ago

Tech tutorials for life coaches, biz coaches, etc. Big, growing industry that needs web help.

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Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

Get a head start on your next recurring or even passive income with the following package.

2 domains: and the plural version

4 social media profiles: FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

4 blog articles: I wrote a few how-to style articles before I stopped. They are tutorials on web services life coaches often use (e.g. MailChimp, Leadpages, Google Analytics).

1 online course outline: I created a detailed outline for the first digital product I was going to offer, an online course teaching the basics of Canva (a popular graphic-design tool website).

Plus a list of content topics for future articles, videos, and courses.

Take this and run with it to become the "go to" resource for a niche in the personal coaching industry. Create digital products or membership groups for passive or recurring income.

What is the technological stack ?

None. Your choice.

Do you have any traffic ?


Why are you selling ?

I decided to focus on a different project. Was a hard decision because this has real potential for anyone who finds it easy to learn or explain basic computer stuff to others.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

There are so many online tools that help people run and grow a business, but people often need help with them. They turn to videos and articles to help them figure out how to use and manage these tools.

This Tech Smart Coaches package sets you on the path to becoming the "go to" resource for those in the personal coaching industry.

Growth projections for the life coaching industry are an estimated 6.7%, taking revenue to $1.34 billion by 2022.

Create a membership site or group for coaches that need help with their web stuff.

Write or outsource lots of articles for the blog. This will establish you/the site as an authority and build an audience. With this audience you can promote the membership site, online courses, or offer premium tech consulting.

Online courses can be free (lead magnets) or paid (passive income).

Creating YouTube videos is a good idea too; some people want to read the article and others will instead search for a video on YouTube. Even if you're camera shy you can screencast to the tutorial.

Monetize the YouTube tutorials.

Since the word "coaches" can be applied to different niches, you have flexibility in the personal coaching industry. Life coach, weight coach, executive coach, business coach, wellness coach, financial coach, career coach, dating coach, and more.

These domains are worth it because of the keywords and branding that makes the customer feel good... they're frustrated because they need tech help but you will empower them to become a tech smart coach.

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