Text Styler
6 months ago

Chrome Extension For Generating Bold And Italic Fonts For Social Media Posts

Project Details


Text Styler is a Chrome Extension that lets you generate Eye-Catching Text For Social Media Posts.

Many social media platforms do not allow you to markup your text with styles such as bold, italic or bolded italic. But there is a smarter way.

Using Text Styler, you can create stylized versions of your text and easily copy-and-paste them into your social media posts or status updates. It is super quick and easy to use and 100% safe!

What is included in the sale ?

Full source files for the Chrome Extension. If you want me to transfer to your Chrome Developer account I can do it too for free.

What is the technological stack ?

HTML, CSS, Javascript

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

The project is complete, fully functional and live :)

Do you have any traffic ?

Newly launched.

Why are you selling ?

Currently, I'm busy with other projects so I'm letting this go to whoever who wants to pursue it.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Add a paywall, share with your subscribers and generate good will or sell it as a paid chrome extension

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