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This is a directory of social media influencers who are looking for collaborations and partnerships.

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Project Details

What is this and who is it for?

This is a starter site. It is meant to be a directory rather than a market place, meaning users can't transact any business with each other on the site, but they can easily perform searches. 

Users sign up and submit their details. Links are checked for correct format and are also checked against a database of known harmful sites, if links are deemed safe, user submission is automatically posted. 

It is set up to target content creators (bloggers, vloggers, people with a following on social media) who are looking for partnerships or collaborations with brands and businesses. However you can turn it into any kind of directory.

With this sale, you get 


The website transferred to your host

What is the technological stack ?

Lavarel PHP

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

The site is fully functional as is, though improvements can be made through further development.

Do you have any traffic ?


Why are you selling ?

This would do better with someone who already has a social media presence and marketing experience.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Some ways to earn from this

* charge for submissions - paypal already integrated 

* develop to add advertisements

* manually curate best influencers and develop an agency or a subscription service to brands

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