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2 months ago

Content website for deals, coupons, sales, articles, listicles etc in the themes niche.

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$ 480

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

· the @ThemesSale Twitter account
· the domain ( — instant transfer to your account (the domain is aged 3 years and is paid for until December 2019)
· the website (files & database)
· the two banner templates used in the website (in Photoshop .psd format) and the homepage header illustration (in Illustrator .ai format)

The EstiBot appraisal for the domain alone is $930 (GoDaddy's appraisal is $1,491), so even without the website, you can consider it an investment. For example was sold at auction for $12,750.

What is the technological stack ?


The design is unique, but based on the Ubud theme by Elmastudio

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

None. The project is usable as-is.

Do you have any traffic ?

The site is back online today after a few months (explanation below, at next question), so currently the traffic is negligible. But during the 3 months it was online it had a few uniques per day and made $4.80 from affiliate commissions, without any promotion whatsoever.

Google Analytics screenshot:
(please note that September - November 2018 the GA code was not installed)

Why are you selling ?

I own the domain since 2015, but failed to build a project on it. When I finally managed to put together a website in December 2017, I kept it online for only 3 months and then took it offline, with the plan to rethink and rebuild it.

Unfortunately, it's been more than half a year since, and because I prioritized other projects, a new Themes Sale never came to light. So I put the website back online as it was in March 2018, and decided to sell. 

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Currently it's a content website for deals, coupons, sales etc. with monetization through affiliate. Multiple other monetization options can be used (like sponsored content for example or ads), with excellent growth during Black Friday/Cyber Monday and other sales.

It can also be converted from content to a full ecommerce website with proprietary themes/products for sale.

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