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theplantnation is a brand for sustainable vegan apparel. Private label POD drop shipping.

$ 1250
$ 8900

Project Details

What is included in the sale?

Branding assets, shopify store, domain, manufacturing relationships, marketing materials, relevant e-mail list, social media accounts.

What is the business about?

theplantnation is a brand that connects people through a common vision: making the world a better place for every being.

Wearing our apparel is a statement that lets you demonstrate what you care about. Let us use the power of positivity to raise awareness so we can put factory farming out of business and into the history books.

I started theplantnation early 2018 to offer sustainable apparel that allows you to raise awareness in a unique and stylish way.

It has been a tough journey from searching for a manufacturer that is aligned with my ethical standpoint and offers great quality plus competitive pricing to finding non-toxic vegan inks, building a great looking website and so much more.

My goal for theplantnation is to continue the development of the vibrant vegan community.

We wear shirts & hoodies every day either way. So why not use this incredibly powerful platform to constantly spread a meaningful message? 

Purchasing and fulfilment process

It is a private label Print-On-Demand dropshipping business. 

The supplier is from the UK and ships worldwide at good rates. 

Every product has our brands label neck-printed and comes with a custom letter. Custom packaging is also available. 

Orders are automatically sent to the supplier for fulfilment.

Do you have any traffic?

Traffic is 100% organic from social media - especially Instagram (22k followers)

Why are you selling?

I am looking to sell my business because I am not passionate about e-commerce and online marketing anymore.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business?

theplantnation already is a profitable business and an established brand. 

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