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TI-84 calculator website hosting programs, games, and tutorials for high school students

$ 325
$ 9999

Project Details

What is included in the sale?

TI84CalcWiz is a brand that is very well established in its niche, and I am looking to sell the full package. The $10K price includes:

- TI84CalcWiz.com Website (www.ti84calcwiz.com/): This is the main, flagship website. Hosts downloads, programs, articles, tutorials, and more related to TI-84 Plus graphing calculators.

- TI84CalcWiz YouTube Channel (www.youtube.com/ti84calcwiz): This is the main YouTube channel with tutorials about how to use download the programs on the TI84CalcWiz website.

- r/TI84Hacks Subreddit (www.reddit.com/r/ti84hacks/): A subreddit forum related to TI-84 graphing calculators.

- TI84CalcWiz Instructables (www.instructables.com/member/AndresS142/): An Instructables account with two high ranking articles pointing to the TI84CalcWiz website

- CalcPlex.com Website (calcplex.com/): A similar website to TI84CalcWiz

- TICalculators.net domain: The old domain for CalcPlex.com (switched to CalcPlex.com late October)

- CalcPlex YouTube Channel (www.youtube.com/channel/UCggOWrdMK4zspfbuwdZvmtw): Lots of other TI-84 Plus calculator tutorials.

- Non-Compete Agreement: I am looking to fully exit this niche in pursuit of other interests, I would be willing to sign a non-compete if interested

- Calculators: If interested, I will ship you my TI-Nspire CX CAS, TI-84 Plus, and Numworks calculators so you can have the equipment necessary to continue building the website

What is the technological stack?

Both TI84CalcWiz.com and CalcPlex.com are WordPress sites hosted on the Google Cloud Platform using the GeneratePress theme and the Cloudflare CDN. TI84CalcWiz.com uses the Elementor page builder, while CalcPlex uses Gutenberg. Calculator program downloads are hosted in Google Cloud Storage Buckets.

Which parts of the project are incomplete?

This website is established in its niche already and has a solid following on YouTube. New owners could continue writing new articles, target other calculator models, build new sources of revenue, upload more programs, etc.

The CalcPlex site is very incomplete at the moment and could use more articles, programs, etc.

Both YouTube channels are performing very well and bring in consistent revenue - even though I haven't uploaded new videos in nearly a year.

Do you have any traffic?

Yes - this website is established, and ranks highly for search terms such as "TI 84 Plus CE Games". This started as a small side project in early 2017.

I switched from Wix to Wordpress this July, which lead to greatly increased traffic/SEO. Also, keep in mind that this niche peaks during the back to school season. TI84CalcWiz.com analytics: ti84calcwiz-analytics.jpg

CalcPlex.com has always been a secondary focus, but it is not doing badly: calcplex-analytics.jpg

The TI84CalcWiz YouTube channel has nearly 3000 subscribers and has received 874,000 views in the last year.

The CalcPlex YouTube channel has over 400 subscribers and has received 136,000 views in the last year.

The majority of traffic is from organic search engine traffic, lots of referral traffic from YouTube (the TI84CalcWiz channel and from others) and Instructables.

Do you have any revenue?

I currently pay around $20/month to host everything, and I use the free tier of Cloudflare.

I have never paid for any form of marketing or advertising. This has been a 100% one-man project.

The website and YouTube channel combined make around $325/month and made over $800 in the month of September alone (peak month for this niche).

Monetized through Google Adsense - haven't really had the time to experiment with the Amazon Affiliate program or other monetization methods.

Why are you selling?

I have many other commitments and passions I would like to pursue. This has been a really enjoyable project for me to work on and introduced me to niche site marketing, but I would also like the opportunity/funding to try something new, and learn more about programming.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business?

I truly don't see this website losing popularity any time soon. Graphing calculators don't get updated very often and are a necessary part of the American education system. Most competitors such as TICalc.org and Cemetech.net are not at all user-friendly, which causes general users to come to TI84CalcWiz instead.

This website has a lot of potential for growth, especially if expanded to target more calculators. Out of the dozens of calculators out there, this website exclusively targets the TI-84 Plus CE (and a couple of pages on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition/Numworks). The TI-Nspire line is also very popular, and wouldn't require much work to add.

By building traffic sources, adding affiliate links, and perhaps partnering with calculator companies, I can see this brand being very successful.

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