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Ethereum based tombola. 120 tickets - 1 ETH prize.

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$ 500

Project Details

To test use the Rinkeby Network - just so you can see it in action! It's currently set to $1 tickets with 12 tickets and a $10 prize.

Seller Bio
Barney Vaughan - Lead Developer and Maker from Liverpool, UK. Worked on building web applications for 10+ years and have been working in Cryptocurrency developments such as and for the last 2 and a half years. 
Selling due to no time to market the DAPP.
Executive Summary
Quick-deploy DAPP for Ethereum Smart Contract based Tombolas. Front end adapts as tickets are sold and the smart contract authoritatively manages winners and tickets. 
Owner can alter prize, price and profit through the smart contract which facilitates itself.
It's a simple to use DAPP with MetaMask integration for easy payments. Quick to redeploy for different ticket prices, prizes or change the cut from the winnings.
  • Robust website PHP & JS (web3.js)
  • Easy to market or further develop for other purposes.
  • Purchaser will receive code, graphic elements & full smart-contract.
  • Live network tracking to ensure overspending doesn't occur and to ensure users enter the correct Tombola.
Included in sale:
  • All web code (HTML, JS & CSS) for redeployment
  • Full Solidity Script & ABI
  • Instructions and help to get the DAPP migrated.
  • All graphic elements and the rights to those elements, incl. Tomboleum name.
The DAPP is monetised through simple Raffle economics:
- 120 tickets at 0.01 ETH EACH = 1.2 ETH - 1 ETH Prize fund - 0.2 ETH Profit
This is controlled in the smart contract and can be altered to increase/decrease the margin.
Operations & Upkeep
This application will require a redeployment of the contract to the main-net ($0.05~) and will require a server to deploy the DAPP onto. There is no upkeep other than to ensure you have your wallet for taking cuts and keep hold of the ABI generated from deployment. 
No database connections required and is a "one-page" development. If redeployment is something you'd like me to do we can factor that into the cost, just let me know.
The owner of this DAPP will not need to perform any other actions other than to request the withdrawal of their cut from the smart contract periodically. This can be automated with some Smart Contract alterations.
Customers are any cryptocurrency users who own ETH and have MetaMask installed.
Seller Notes
This DAPP started as an experiment that has slowly become a fully fledged product. The marketing potential of this DAPP is great, I'm just not sure where to start, but it could suit a re-brand for a Crypto-community manager.

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