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1 month ago

Unique&Strong Niche Product Dropshipping Funnel (2-day delivery)

$ 129
$ 799

Project Details

Looking for a way to generate your own income through E-Commerce funnels? Sustainable and Reusable bags are becoming increasingly popular (see Google trends) and these are high-quality products with a VERY unique drop shipping structure where you can offer clients <4-day shipping and won't have to handle any of the returns yourself.

What is included in the sale ?

- Premium domain (
- Logo and other creative assets
- IMPORTANT: High Quality Video Assets for PPC Campaigns made by pro e-commerce company
- Cart Abandonment Email Sequence
- Unique drop shipping structure to offer <4-day shipping to clients + no issues with returns for you
- Fully automated sales funnel from Clickfunnels
- Optional: tips and pointers on how to run Facebook/Insta ads

What is the technological stack ?

None, Clickfunnels hosted store.

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

They're all complete. You just need a Clickfunnels account and perhaps a Funnelish one as well.

Do you have any traffic ?

Couple of 100's after PPC campaigns

Why are you selling ?

Selling my Clickfunnels stores I built when I was in-between jobs. Found my dream job now and can't have any distractions.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Use the premium-quality video assets made by a specialized business to run Facebook and Instagram ads. 

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