Trailblock - Crypto trading
7 months ago

Panel that enabled admins of telegram groups to send automated signals to their followers

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Project Details

What is this project? 

There are tons of Telegram crypto groups, where admins share the signals that people follow. We created this tool so admins could send the signals to their groups that would have a button that automatically creates a trade for the user. 

Also, we have a feature that enables admin to automatically trade for the user (they give him that approval), so it is like a trading management service. 

It was aimed at telegram admins, that would market that to their users - Great way to sell their PREMIUM signals. 

Here is the overview of how it is set up, and what it can do:

What is included in the sale ?

Source code, telegram bot names, domain name

What is the technological stack ?


Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

Project is in beta - we gave this to one admin to test to gather his initial feedback. It would be good enough for few initial customers, to get their feedback to see what other features would they need/want. 

Do you have any traffic ?


Why are you selling ?

Landed a job at Google, so I don't have enough time to maintain this project and market it.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

You should contact the admins of crytpo telegram groups, and pitch them to start using the product. 

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