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SMS based on-demand massage therapist service.

$ 0
$ 1000

Project Details

What is included in the sale?

- Source Code

- All social accounts

- List of 5000 prequalified RMTs

- Marketing material

- Financial, legal, strategy documentation

- Everything associated with the project 

What is the technological stack?
Describe in details your stack
tml/css/vanilla js, dashboard is react, back-end for the sms and API is node

Which parts of the project are incomplete?
If parts of the code are missing, please describe them in details
The project is complete and was being used for the last two years. There is definitely room for automation to reduce the workload.

Why are you selling?

I got busy with other commitments/projects and didn't have the bandwidth to dedicate to it.

How can the future owner turn your project into a business?

I'm more than willing to jump on a call and discuss challenges and opportunities from my experience, but the one thing I would recommend for this to lead to a passive source of income, is to leverage bots and AI. A lot of the challenges with the project is the management of inbound bookings and RMT dispatch, many of which can be automated by adding bots into the process.

Current costs are website hosting and the SMS API costs ($0.0075 per sms sent). Other then that, there are no costs

I've already thought of where the bots would add the most value and have written up an entire document outlining my thoughts.

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