Vera Weddings
8 months ago

DA30 weddings related site with 400 visitors/m, blog & auto-posting features.

$ 0
$ 499

Project Details

What is included in the sale?

* domain registered till Oct 2019 via GoDaddy - DA30
* a Twitter account with 6,500 followers -
* ready-to-use, completely setup WP site with all plugins
* premium WP theme
* all content on the site

What is the technological stack?

WordPress (PHP + MySQL)

Which parts of the project are incomplete?

There are no incomplete parts. Everything works out of the box. The site is ready to run.

Do you have any traffic?

The site gets 400+ unique visitors per month. Here's a screenshot -

Why are you selling?

Turns out I know nothing about weddings :) Which makes it very difficult to produce content and get in touch with advertisers.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business?

With DA30 the site has great potential in publishing paid guest posts and running any other wedding related promotions. You can easily charge $80 per post. In order to keep the site alive, you have to produce content. Besides blog posts, you can auto-post (with manual approval) images and videos from Instagram feeds. It takes less than a minute to publish posts like these.

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