3 months ago

A Shopify app with 500+ animated characters increasing conversions and email optins

$ 156
$ 1000

Project Details

What does the sale include?
The sale includes the Shopify App, codebase, the backend, the well-designed branding guidelines and the existing users

The tech stack
That is used is Vue and MySQL.

The Animations are made in JSON files so that the load time of the site doesn't increase. 

Which parts of the project are incomplete?
Marketing & Sales aren't done. 

Do you have any traffic?
Yes. The store currently has 21 active installs

Why are you selling?
I personally enjoy building products and seeing the initial results. Once that is achieved, I sell them off. I've been a part of multiple products that I have built and have been sold. 

How can the future owner turn the project into a business?

All you need to do is marketing. The infrastructure is scalable and can hold up to 20,000 stores. (I personally don't enjoy marketing, or rather not the best man for the job).

How to reach out to me?

I believe 1kprojects has issues with their payments system and therefore I'm unable to reply to your questions. I did send multiple messages from the admin here but they don't seem interested. Please send me a mail on imran.ladiwala@gmail com

How $156 MRR is calculated, if there are only 21 Installs assuming at $1 Per Month

Hi there, A week ago I changed the app from $39/mo to $1/mo to get more installs. I run a marketing agency and I wanted to collect store owner data and therefore I changed it from $39 to $1. I'd be happy to change it back to $39 if you want.

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