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AR + Wikipedia

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$ 2000

Project Details

What is included in the sale ?

- Full ownership transfer of the Wikiscope iOS app (compatible with iPhone and iPad devices)
- This app is currently featured by Apple in the App Store for the APAC region
- Website
- Full source code

What is the technological stack ?

React Native, Three.js, ARKit.

Which parts of the project are incomplete ?

No monetization yet. But the app itself is feature complete.    

Do you have any traffic ?

- It's currently featured by Apple in the APAC region (100k impressions so far)
- 750+ downloads
- 2200 website visitors
- Product Hunt launch this month got 240 upvotes

Why are you selling ?

No available time to develop it further.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business ?

Monetization options:

- Pay per download
- In-app purchases to offer premium features, or to turn off ads
- Ads
- Businesses could sponsor points of interest to appear in the app

Which servers are used to keep the data for the app. As for the website hosting and domain how much do they cost.

Hello. The app doesn't need a server to operate. It only depends on Wikipedia's free API to get articles in the local area. The app doesn't have a domain yet, but I could include "" with the purchase.

Does it automatically work on all cities or do you have to add each location manually?

It's automatic. It uses Wikipedia as a data source - so wherever in the world there are Wikipedia articles with GPS coordinates attached to them (e.g. a famous bridge) then it will work, as long as the user is close enough.

How much effort would be required to implement an Android version? Does it need RN native bridges built or just AR asset

It would need considerable effort to set up a native module for Android. But the AR rendering code itself is written in Three.js and should be platform-agnostic.

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