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Profitable job board for creative industries in Ukraine

$ 400
$ 5000

Project Details

What is included in the sale?

Domain, source code, user database, facebook and twitter accounts, 3 months of founder's support, a contract with a customer support rep.

What is the technological stack?

It's a no-code project which integrates available solutions and is independent of people behind it. Built on Wordpress, Zapier, Typeform and Mailerlite.

Which parts of the project are incomplete?

It's a fully functional project.

Do you have any traffic?

The project was launched in 2015 to serve Ukrainian creative industries. It's profitable from day one and generates about $5000 a year. Almost everything except support is automated. The team consists of one customer support agent who worked part-time for the last 2 years and has a contract signed by the end of the year. The founder spends a few hours a week for new marketing experiments and financial tasks.

A P&L report is available upon request.

The project has:

— $5000 a year in revenue;

— 10K monthly visitors, 20K page views;

— 1.8K subscribers of a weekly newsletter and 1.5K subscribers of a daily newsletter;

— 5K Facebook followers, 400 Twitter followers.

Why are you selling?

The founder is joining a VC funded startup.

How can the future owner turn the project into a business?

It's already a business but a small one. The future owner should continue to implement marketing tactics to grow the project.

Hi, I am not familiar with Ukrainian job market, but will be interested in cloning the website to publish in other lang.

Did you reach out to me using email?

Здравствуйте, Можно чуть подробнее о маркетинговых процессах, которые вы проводите?

Здравствуйте. 1. Paid marketing. На Украинском рынке очень низкая стоимость клика в Фейсбуке. Я делаю лендинги (типа и таргетинг на крупные города по аудитории: entrepreneurs, HRs, recruiters. 2. Полуавтоматическая лидогенерация. Я создал Zapier рецепты на сбор лидов с других площадок, по которым второй рецепт отправляет персонализированые имейлы. Этим занимается мой контрактор, нужно фильтровать работодателей вручную. 3. Каждая вакансия получает бесплатные буст в Фейсбуке. Я пробовал многое, но это лучший канал для получения новых кандидатов на сайт и в рассылку.

How do you contact businesses to get jobs?

Currently, we have 3 sources of job posts: 1. Returned clients because of the great customer support and a simple service model — we introduce a candidate to an employee via email. No company account, no CVs to download, just email with answers from a candidate. Click reply and start a conversation. 2. Semi-auto lead generation. I made a few Zapier receipts to aggregate leads from competitors. Once a week my contractor review them and use another Zapier receipt for sending the personalized invitations (we mention a job position and a company name) to publish their job posts on Workcelerator. 3. Paid marketing. From time to time we do marketing on Facebook for brand awareness targeting entrepreneurs and recruiters in the biggest Ukrainian cities.

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